What is HeyHomie?

HeyHomie is an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that empowers homepreneurs to streamline their businesses and automate the consumer life-cycle over WhatsApp. Founded by Anujj Mehta, HeyHomie was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges faced by homechefs and other homepreneurs in managing their businesses effectively. Let’s take a closer look at the journey of HeyHomie, why it exists, how it works, the problems it solves, and what the future holds for this groundbreaking platform.

Our journey so far :
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May 2016

Idea - sharing home-cooked food with neighbours. We started with one WhatsApp group. By 2021, we grew to over 600 groups with 3000+ home chefs in Delhi NCR, India. We helped them with menus, prices, and growing their business, all free of cost.

May 2021

We began creating a solution to help home chefs sell their food easier. This meant they could scale their business faster. They were able to make more food, try new recipes, and grow their business in the neighbourhood.

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Feb 2022

We launched a test version of HeyHomie. It was a solution build on WhatsApp where people could find local home chefs and order food. Many people liked it, but we couldn't scale due to limited funds.

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Sep 2022

We changed our focus, and rebuilt the app. Instead of helping home chefs alone, we made a solution for all sellers to use WhatsApp to sell things. This included clothes, jewellery, beauty products, gifts, and home decor.

Apr 2023

We released our new solution for all these different sellers. People liked it, but we realised we needed a better way for sellers to start their WhatsApp shops . We needed to help with things like product lists, getting products, and shipping.

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Dec 2023

 Launch of HeyHomie App version 1.0. Now, brands/ manufacturers can onboard sellers and start their store in 15 minutes. And sellers get a ready-to-use catalog from brands to start their shop on WhatsApp. Brand, seller, and customer all get a feature rich store on WhatsApp.

What’re we trying to solve :

HeyHomie’s core mission is to simplify the technology augmentation process for homepreneurs, ensuring they can leverage the power of WhatsApp without the need for extensive learning or overwhelming setups. The platform is designed to cater to sellers of all skill levels, allowing them to effectively sell their products or services on WhatsApp.

One of HeyHomie’s key features is its focus on solving smaller, yet impactful problems faced by homepreneurs. For instance, it addresses the communication challenges that arise when a seller runs out of inventory or cannot fulfil orders. Coordinating with shipping partners and following up on payments, which can be time-consuming and awkward, are also streamlined through HeyHomie. By tackling these smaller pain points, the platform significantly enhances the overall selling and buying experience.

Furthermore, HeyHomie understands the emotional aspect of buying from home chefs and the importance of maintaining personalised connections. It eliminates the need for sellers to relentlessly follow up on small payment amounts, creating a hassle-free experience for both parties. Additionally, HeyHomie simplifies coordination with shipping partners, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery processes.

Meet your Homies 🙂

Meet the team that is making e-commerce awesome for everyone.

Anujj Mehta

“Once a Homie, always a Homie”

Ankit Singh Yadav
Growth Team

“Turning chaos into a symphony of communication”

Ashutosh Singh

”Snoozing under a (Hey)Stack!”

Ankit Singh Yadav

“Turning caffeine into algorithms”

Sai Kiran

”Currently debugginga pandemonium”

Sourav Paul

“Codes coming out of fingers, at supersonic speed!”

Sajju Jain
Business & Strategy Advisor

“Envisioning growth strategies to optimizing operations”

Rutveez Roopam Rout
Product & Strategy Advisor

“Shaping products that resonate with your target audience”

Tech Advisor

“Currently demystify the complex & untangle the intricate”

Our Happy Customers
"HeyHomie's tool helped Spensers to sell more. They integrated WhatsApp and Shopify, making our kids' clothes line better."
Spencer-logo-desktop (1)
Spencer’s Retail Ltd
"Customer management at LetsRyde is easy now. This saves time, makes our brand better, helps us grow, and gets us big sponsors."
"Heyhomie created an end to end lead management system for us. It makes selling property simpler. Our customers appreciate the personalised care we provide with the system."
M3M India

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"Favori sells more, does pre-launch, and customer support on WhatsApp. All thanks to HeyHomie's solution."
"WhatsApp Store at Kensho Daily works smoothly, making talking to customers and sales better and easier."
Kensho Daily
"HeyHomie's WhatsApp tool made reseller management easy for Toggery. It helped us scale our reseller network and sales."
Toggery India
"HeyHomie's system makes our meetings and training easy and helps us grow. It's great for members and all the visitors that attend our meetings!"
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BNI Chennai CBD A

Join our weekly Newsletter group where we share our growth and discussion and to stay up to date with the latest updates.

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